Staying On Target

I recently joined a summer challenge in order to increase my wordcount as I really need to get this rewrite finished. I posted the wordcount of my current WIP (work in progress), Rise of the Comets. (that’s 21k words, by the way)
I also posted the word count of my other novel which I’m trying to to work on.

A fellow writer saw this and in surprise, asked me how I could stay focused. She writes when inspired. The funny thing is, so do I. I have a ridiculously hard time trying to write when uninspired. So how do I stay on one project? I usually like to switch projects.

I find ways to inspire myself to write in RotC. So I was asked how and promised this blog post.

I have said before in NAF that many small things are inspiring, but those are random inspirations. To get directed inspiration, I have a few things I do.

1, I find a spot in my book that I really like. This is a spot that, if I were a reader, I’d be like, I MUST HAVE MORE! For me, a good spot is my prologue. It’s got good tension between commander and subordinate, bad tension between two old friends, a peak at a major nemesis, emotion, family love, sacrifice, and it leads up to an attack in which the MC of that section is presumed dead.

There are a few other spots in which I find the characters interesting and it makes me want to read and learn more. And if I want to read more, I have to write more. Also, the more I read and learn about them, the more I realize what’s going to happen. Things change in a rewrite, and the plot gets deeper.

2, Find a soundtrack or song I haven’t listened to in a while. As I listen to it, picture a scene. Add my characters. Let the inspiration flow.

3, Find a good book, preferably in the same genre, and read a few chapters of it. Chances are I’ll be so pumped up about the writing that my thoughts will fly to my own characters and their situations and what I can do to enhance it.

When I do think of characters, I have to make sure I concentrate on the characters I want to write on. It’s no good if I think about the other characters. haha

Anyway, that’s all I got…or at least that’s all I can remember. I hope you find this interesting and hope it helps-you know who you are. 😉
To all you other readers, thanks for sticking with me even though I haven’t kept this up well. I hope this can be of assistance to any of you writers out there who have too many characters assaulting you.

For Him!


About Nathanael Scott

Nathanael Scott has been an enthusiastic reader of a variety of genres for as far back as he can remember, his favorite being science fiction. He uses writing to let loose his imagination in a way that glorifies God and benefits others. If you can’t get hold of him, he’s probably in outer space piloting a starfighter on a mission to save your life. He is the author of Though Storms May Rage, a sci-fi novel that is currently in revision.
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2 Responses to Staying On Target

  1. marvelousdiscovery says:

    Very helpful! Thanks for posting! I’ll have to keep all of this in mind. I told you I would be watching. 😉

    • lol, you did.
      Another thing is to let others read it and encourage you with their excitment over it. that usually helps to get one excited about writing in the book again. 🙂

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