Ack! I’m Alive!

yes, I realize I haven’t been posting much, and I apologize for that. Life has been pretty busy lately with school, my job, writing, and various other projects. However, I want to announce something rather exciting! New Authors Fellowship ( has picked me up as a contributor.
This means I’ll be posting a, erm, post once every other week there. So while I do still intend to post here (I’m going to try for once, maybe twice a month), you can also find me over there. 🙂 As an added incentive, I have some interesting pictures of me in my blogs there, so if nothing else, you could check that out. I’ve already made one post there and have another scheduled for sometime in the next three days.
Oh, and yes, I really am alive…at least I think I am. O.o as to my writing, I’m currently rewriting my first novel. for now. 😉


About Nathanael Scott

Nathanael Scott has been an enthusiastic reader of a variety of genres for as far back as he can remember, his favorite being science fiction. He uses writing to let loose his imagination in a way that glorifies God and benefits others. If you can’t get hold of him, he’s probably in outer space piloting a starfighter on a mission to save your life. He is the author of Though Storms May Rage, a sci-fi novel that is currently in revision.
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